The PT Zone
was founded for you

At the PT Zone, we offer a one of a kind treatment approach, equipped with the latest physical therapy techniques and an array of exercises catered to your individual needs. Backed by years of positive outcomes and successful recoveries, we’re bringing our abundant experience to you for dynamic results, faster.

With an extraordinary commitment to outperform the generalized physical therapy experience, The PT Zone promises to deliver a more robust, energetic solution to your rehab needs. Whether you’re a crossfit junkie, a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or recovering from injury post-operatively, we’re here for you. We’re excited to bring you in to our team approach and achieve milestones beyond your prior fitness and functional threshold. So what are you waiting for?



Shira was instrumental in helping me get through some back issues. She has also helped my son and husband. She is fantastic at explaining the issues at hand and how to avoid them going forward. Shira is the best!

Sarah B.

My PT experience with Shira could not be better. Professional, caring, friendly, thorough and knowledgeable are only a few of the adjectives that describe her.
Shira is the best and I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else.

Matt B.

Shira used various techniques to get my shoulder feeling better. She was thorough and kind during treatment and I felt very heard working with her. If I hurt myself again, she will be the first person I visit.

Johnny Z.

Dr. Shira Dragun is THE BEST. Her attention to detail, her vast knowledge, and her experience separates her from any other physical therapist with whom I’ve worked. With injuries in my recent past, she made each PT experience an exceptional result.

Bob S.

Shira’s genuine concern for her patients along with her expert knowledge of the body and its functionality is superior to others around. She truly listens to you as a patient and will customize each treatment specifically for you. She’s the best of the best!

Hailey VW

Shira’s extensive and endless knowledge as well as genuine compassion has made a tremendously positive impact on my chronic lower back issues. Through effective and comprehensive treatment, my pain management and my overall functionality has improved immensely without the need for other more invasive forms of treatment.

Katelyn B

Simply put-Shira is phenomenal. After having back surgery, I struggled to find a physical therapist that could help manage my pain. Working with Shira has been the best thing I could have done. She gives her patients dedicated one on one and amazing home plans!

Carloyn B.

I was plagued with lower back pain, and it’s cause was virtually undiagnosable. Shira took that on and built a program that was flexible and ever-evolving. The combination of her tenacity, her genuine desire to help her patients, and what seems to be her endless knowledge got to the bottom of what was going on and the pain went away.

Libby R.

Shira’s genuine concern for her patients along with her expert knowledge of the body and its functionality is superior to others around. She truly listens to you as a patient and will customize each treatment specifically for you. She’s the best of the best!

Jeanette S

Shira is hands-down the most talented and effective Physical Therapist I have ever seen. Her knowledge is second to none. Her uncanny ability to always think out outside the box is really what sets her apart. Don’t mess around! See Shira!!!!

Jill R.



Shira Dragun, DPT is the proud owner of The PT Zone. A graduate of Northeastern University with a Bachelor in Rehabilitation Science and a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, she spent over a decade as a director, building PT businesses and assisting patients in achieving their functional and fitness goals. She holds multiple certifications, specializing in modality and exercise-based interventions for the clinical management of the fitness athlete.

Shira opened PTZ to offer a highly interactive, tailor-made approach to sports injury rehabilitation. She brings her enthusiasm, warm personality, and science-based methodology to make a treatment experience that is both effective and fun.

Shira has an innate zest for life and adventure. She is a travel junkie who has accomplished many adrenaline-filled feats around the world, ie skydiving, ice climbing, and river sledging. Having always gravitated towards strength-based exercise, Shira underwent a fitness overhaul to determine how adaptable the body is, tackling six half marathons in six months. She now focuses on a balanced training regiment and wants to share her tricks for recovery, joint health, and injury prevention to help you achieve physical feats beyond YOUR imagination.

In her spare time, Shira enjoys getting active outdoors with her husband and son.


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